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released February 2, 2016



all rights reserved


Matthew William Charles Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

After counting the miles on his odometer, it is clear that Matthew William Charles is a legitimate punk troubadour. For Matt, each mile recorded becomes another opportunity to share an extensive and impressive catalog of honest and melodic acoustic punk songs. In Charles’ set list, listeners will find stark and relevant commentary on a host of societal, political, and personal issues. ... more


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Track Name: Help
Help me find the clues to uncover the ruse
I feel so confused, so dead and drained
Should I just kneel and pray?

Feel so helpless and contained
My mind is full of facts but I don’t believe them to be truth
I’m way off track, and I’m trying to crack the code
I just don’t know where to go!

I’m so starved
I’m begging for knowledge
I hold my sign up at the intersection

I’m a skeptic everything needs a second look
They slip the poison in the newspapers and the books
Anyone can be a wicked crook

So I laugh and I smile and I sing
And I open up my mind and try and question everything
Track Name: Trying
Some days I feel like trying
Some days I feel like shit
Some days I feel like walking away
And trying to forget

That I ever tried to do something good
That I ever lived and that I ever knew

What was right and wrong
And how to play along
And how to earn my keep
And that I could be
Something incredible
And live a life that’s full
And discover my own worth

Things are far from fair
And opportunities are not shared
And people hardly care
Content to let things be
Well there is a lack of understanding
And a lack of community
So quick to lay judgement
Without rational thinking

Some days I feel like trying
Some days I want to quit
Some days I feel like the world is dying
And no one gives a shit

That anyone ever tried to do something good
That anyone ever believed in something real

But I have connections
To people in this world
And they have the best intentions
And they don’t take life for granted
And they realize their downfalls
And they try and mend their mistakes
And they realize that people
Are not all made the same
And as long as they’re alive
I’ll prefer not to die
Even though the world seems hopeless
And there is emptiness inside
And I don’t think my heat will ever be filled up with hope
But at least I’ll always know
That I’ll never be alone
Track Name: Words
Sometimes I hesitate
Can’t find the right words or explanations
I know inside I have the answers
But no articulation

And afterward I find the right phrase
Too late to be heard
And afterward I find the right phrase
Those defining words

Could have provoked a spark
Or a revelation
Could have posed the right questions
That could make you think

But I’m stuck in a sea of feelings
Left with so many regrets
Of words that could have been said

I tend to nod my head and agree
Because I know if I let the words go
Without focus or concentration
They explode

Well I can’t believe the things people say
I’m stricken by their ignorance and their arrogant display
Some people try and say things just to be heard
Without facts to back them up or articulated words
But maybe I’m too careful, maybe I should scream
And speak with provocation to manipulate the scenes
But maybe my silence is my best defense
I can stand back and let them show their ignorance

And let their words go
Can’t let my words go
Track Name: Waiting For The End
I’m waiting for the end to come
And I really hope that it’s so far away
I’ve seen you hit rock bottom more than once
And I lack the confidence that you’ll stay

I’m waiting for the end to come
I hope I’ll never see the day
My words seem all but useless as I watch you drift away
And I hope you find the strength to stay

You ask for reassurance but I see your path is poisoned
I no longer have the endurance to play this endless game
I hope you find some purchase and discover clarity
But for now I’ll turn my back and walk away

I can’t let you drag me down to this burning furnace
Just to watch the flames surround with no recovery
I want to take your side as you fight these burdens
But I don’t want to be another casualty