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released July 10, 2014



all rights reserved


Matthew William Charles Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

After counting the miles on his odometer, it is clear that Matthew William Charles is a legitimate punk troubadour. For Matt, each mile recorded becomes another opportunity to share an extensive and impressive catalog of honest and melodic acoustic punk songs. In Charles’ set list, listeners will find stark and relevant commentary on a host of societal, political, and personal issues. ... more


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Track Name: Nothing's Out Of Reach
I look back and see it wasn’t all in vein
Through the endless wreckage the bonds have been sustained
All the roads that have been forged have remained in tact
Through the rivers overflowing
I found my way back

It’s been a cold and restless winter
That sent a chill right through my bones
I’ve stayed patient, kept on moving
I wrote my way through thick snow storms until it got to spring

I dialed in a frequency
Looking for reception
I heard the voices loud and clear
I returned to familiar faces
All the landmarks showed me the way
Stepping in rhythm, the voice that I’ve been given
Nothing is out of Reach.
Track Name: Reliance
We’ve become too reliant
On electronical devices
We live in a world of instant gratification
Quickly we grow tired and impatient

Scientists say our brains are getting smaller
The result of living in a modern society
Essentials for survival are provided
We can rearrange our priorities

And too often we take for granted
The comforts and leisure’s of technological advances
I feel the pressure to be constantly plugged in

I can see the advantage
Of constant worldwide communication
The potential for learning
And the sharing of information

But we talk through filters
Not face to face
Hid from confrontation
We become displaced
These tools become addictive
And we find comfort in them
We develop social anxieties
Track Name: Roam
I seem torn apart
Will I ever walk slow?
Never stay to see the seasons change
And my heart will always roam

I want to live two lives
I want to play two parts
Something are so hard to put together
Can’t we toggle back and forth?

I want to keep on running
But I don’t want to run away

I see a city on the horizon
Anticipation burning bright
But I want to tend to the garden
I want to watch the flowers bloom

There is a part of me
That just wants to be in love
And have a family and the comforts of home
But I could never turn my back on the road
Wide open freedom as I endlessly roam.
Track Name: Chain Reaction
Chain Reaction
Everything is a chain reaction
Every step is vital
Every contemplation and every recital

Every action has an impact that ripples through the populous from you
We influence each other with or without intent
You matter whether you think you do or not
So stop thinking those selfish thoughts

Your projection is an influential force
Your decisions can change the course
Track Name: Living In The Past
Spent a lot of time thinking about the past
What you could have done and what you could have had
If you could only erase
If you could only turn back

Hey now, let’s go
Let’s live for the moment because that’s all we know
Stop living where you can’t control

Sometimes you need to blame yourself
Sometimes no one is at fault
No matter how the pieces fall
Just admit that yesterday’s gone

Projecting the demons that haunted your past
You hold onto grudges that just hold you back
Track Name: Young Boy
I wish I was a young boy
I wish I was a little less serious
My actions were forgiven because I was young and ignorant
Acting out on impulse
No need to rationalize
No second thoughts to the words that were chosen no need to hide

But no every word is calculated
Intricately woven to disguise the truth
Tuck away knee jerk reactions because
Everything will be used against you

People forget to forgive
Forget that they are human
We lie and contradict
Explain ourselves with lame excuses
Track Name: Let It Go
Your roots run deep
In the ground
And the soils concrete
You find it hard to move around
And your fruit’s not sweet

So you want a new place to call home
It’s so hard to let it go

The contracting and compacting of your memories
Every day feels like forever
Every year feels like a dream