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released April 4, 2012



all rights reserved


Matthew William Charles Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

After counting the miles on his odometer, it is clear that Matthew William Charles is a legitimate punk troubadour. For Matt, each mile recorded becomes another opportunity to share an extensive and impressive catalog of honest and melodic acoustic punk songs. In Charles’ set list, listeners will find stark and relevant commentary on a host of societal, political, and personal issues. ... more


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Track Name: Every Town
Does it matter
Where you end up?
You can spend your whole life searching
And never find your home

People come and go
Sometimes you just loose touch
And what you thought you wanted may not be what you want
It may seem harder every time you start over
But there is nothing wrong with trying something new
Track Name: Let It Go
Your roots run deep in the ground
And the soils concrete
You find it hard to move around
And your fruits not sweet

So you want a new place to call home
It's so hard to let it go
The contracting and compacting
Of your memories
Everyday feels like forever
Every year feels like a dream
Track Name: Destination
If my destination was right around the corner
And I knew it was fifty miles away
I wouldn't question it

Some days last forever
Some days just fly by
Some memories are forgotten
Some memories are forever in my mind
Sometimes I get lucky
Sometimes I'm fortunate
Sometimes my good fortunes seems to be more than coincidence

But I never question it

So many questions
But I don't have the answers
I never pretend like I do
I'll take what's given
And give when I can
I'll keep on living and keep trying to be true
Track Name: Fairytales
I don't believe in fairy tales
I don't believe in the truth
There is a catch and invested interest
In every single story that's been told

Opinions are toxic
Beliefs are mind control
Obtain your objective, manipulation of the masses
Do you believe your own rhetoric, you lied
convince yourself you are right

The only facts that matter
re the ones the back your beliefs
Objective reality is nonexistent
Falsify information and repeat

I'll turn it off
It doesn't matter anymore
Pick your side
I'll step to the side
I've become numb
What have we become?
Track Name: Love What You Do
Spent your whole life achieving your goals
And you wonder if it's worth the time you've spent
Spent your whole life fighting alone
And you wonder if it's really making sense

Do they tell you you're wasting your time?
Do they tell you the right way to live?
Skeptics may have their opinions
But no idea what's best for them

Spent your whole life chasing your dreams
And you wonder if they'll ever come true
Spent your whole life fighting your doubts
And the doubts that people place on you

Is it the love, the love of the journey?
Is it the prize, the prize at the end?
Is it the knowledge, the knowledge you gain,
With your experience?

Some people say if you follow your dreams
Your destiny will be for filled
That's easy to say when things go your way
Not everyone gets the same breaks

You may not get what you want
You may fall short of your goals
But at least you love what you do
Track Name: Drive
I want to drive tonight
Don't want to be a passenger
When I die, I want to die with my hands upon the wheel
Not on the back of the bus

I want to drive through the night
Until the morning comes
until my body's had enough
I want to pullover the side of the road
And lay my body on the hood
I'll choose the destination
Choose when I want to leave
And what root I'm going to take

Don't want to ask directions
Or any other questions
Want to go where I'll please
Track Name: Pen And Paper
I have a pen and some paper
Things are going to get better
I know I can find my way out of here
In my darkest days I find inspiration

Smashing through, serving justice, finding freedom
Relentless written revolution

I know things are going to get better
I feel relieved, so what's left for me to do?
Understand that I can't change everything
Adaptation to the situation
To make things through